Sonnleiten Farm Residence welcomes visitors and patients

May 26, 2019

Since 1 May 2017 Sonnleiten Farm Residence belongs to the residents. The majority of residents have agreed to convert their originally acquired lifelong right of habitatio in respect of their units into a Sectional Title Scheme. This process – a first of its kind in Namibia – will soon be completed. From then on Sonnleiten Farm Residence will be a “Body Corporate”, a legal entity that will be known as “Sonnleiten Village”.

The unique location in the open countryside offers a restaurant with good food, a large swimming pool, a beautiful garden, architecture so well adapted to the environment, the possibility to observe wild game on the property almost near to the airport and to stop at various picnic areas and to grill – all this remains unchanged.

What’s new is that a shuttle service is available again on Wednesdays for trips to Windhoek for shopping and which also can be booked for other trips. Other trips with this mini-bus can also be arranged for visiting the surroundings or to attend evening events in Windhoek. At the end of January, e.g., there was a trip to the Okambara Lodge and last week several residents visited a concert in the DHPS.

The significant improvement of the care unit is particularly noteworthy. As from 1 January 2019, the unit is known as “Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic”. It is run by two OSH Med International fully trained paramedics, provided by the company, who alternate in a three-weekly cycle and who are supported by the previous assistant nursing staff. The clinic has 2 rooms with 2 beds each and is now equipped with all the necessary equipment for the initial treatment of emergencies and for life support. If necessary, the patient will subsequently be transported to Windhoek by ambulance from OSH Med International for further care. A treatment in the Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic is covered by the reimbursement of your medical aid scheme. Of course, the aforementioned first-aiders also take care of routine in-house care of the residents.

They are connected by computer to Mr. Fabian Martens, the head and co-owner of OSH Med International, who can view the medical history electronically and support the first-aiders and nurses accordingly.

The Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic, which emerged from the Sonnleiten Care Unit, is located just 2 km north of the entrance to Sonnleiten and this in turn is 35 km east of Windhoek on the B6 in the direction of Gobabis.

Our first-aiders cannot only provide the mentioned services, but also give injections prescribed by the doctor, change bandages and, of course, measure blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If you live east of Windhoek and you need this kind of service, you are welcome in the Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic and you possibly can save the longer trip to Windhoek.

In addition, on every first Tuesday of the month a doctor holds consultations at the Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic as from 2:00 pm. Kindly book for a consultation by calling 085-7183524.

The naturopath Fabian Martens visits the Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic every second Friday as from 14h00 and will then be ready to speak to patients. Kindly also book in advance by calling the number 085-7183524.

On these days, our restaurant offers cold drinks and coffee or tea and cakes to visitors.

Emergencies can be attended to at the Sonnleiten Emergency Clinic anytime, day or night. Apply by calling 085-7183524.

Some housing units are still available for sale. Find out more on the Internet and contact Mr. Herbert Corzilius, Phone 081 436 0007. If you would like to get to know the incomparable quality of life on Sonnleiten, you are welcome to spend a few days in one of our guest apartments to experience the daily routine on Sonnleiten.