The apartments and houses can be acquired as property (“sectional title”). The Title will be registered at the deeds office.

Sectional title – At change of ownership and at entry as title deed, a commission of 10% of the total sales price is payable to Licht Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Foreigners can acquire sectional titles as well, as Farm Residence Sonnleiten is by extension part of the municipal area of the City of Windhoek. Permanent Residence for Namibia is advised, where we could assist.

Age limit – Residents have to be 50 years of age or older. Owners may be younger, but are only allowed to take up permanent residence after they have reached the required age. Exceptions can be made for guests of residents.

Levies – A monthly flat rate (levy) for running costs is calculated according to the roofed area of an apartment or house. Residents pay for their own water and electricity consumption; the same applies to the use of house and garden personnel.

Decisions regarding the management of the corporation, such as the regular determination of the flat rate for running costs, are carried out by the body corporate. Only owners of sectional titles are eligible to membership in the body corporate. All proprietors of habitatio are represented by Licht Properties (Pty) Ltd.