Welcome to the Sonnleiten Village ® Retirement Residence

Foreword by Herbert Corzilius

Thank you for visiting us on the home page of Sonnleiten Village ® Retirement Residence.

If you have been with us before, you will find that during the last years not only the name but also many other things have changed on Sonnleiten. The previous owners are no longer with us and the residents themselves have become the new owners of the small but luxurious Retirement Village.

As a co-owner and member of the management, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Herbert Corzilius, I am 74 years old, I live here with my wife since May 2010 and am on the board of directors. Amongst other things, I am responsible for the sale of units that are vacant.

We would like to introduce you to our small but fine and exclusive world. Sonnleiten Village ® is located in the middle of the Namibian savannah, with rich flora and fauna and is about 7 km away from the airport Hosea Kutako (little noise) towards Windhoek and into the city, it is about 35 km.

Sonnleiten consists of 50 residential units, all of which were wheelchair-designed in 2007 with first-time use. They are equipped with a solar system for water heating and a complete fitted kitchen of a high quality standard. The bathrooms are fitted with bright wall tiles and their floors have tiles and under floor heating.

Near the central pool, you will find a cosy relaxation unit where diverse services are offered on a monthly basis, such as med. Foot care, hairdressing, massage, cosmetics, physiotherapy (twice a week) and more. Likewise a large restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch as well as a (small 4 beds) Care-Unit, should an emergency occur. Highly qualified first-aiders are present 24 hours a day, 360 days a year for all residents.

The entire property comprises 255 hectares of natural land, so that extended walks on its own grounds are always possible. In addition to the outside of the gated community (6 hectares), barbecue areas and viewing or sun downer places are available and occasionally even pieces of game can be observed, such as Kudus, Oryx, Warthogs, Porcupines, Hartebeest and more.

We also have our own water supply at our disposal, wheras electricity is received from the public grid.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me directly. Please use the following e-mail address: .

Tourist visas for up to 90 days are issued on arrival at the airport in Windhoek, without time-consuming effort, and are free of charge. A permanent residence permit that can be applied for and is normally granted to pensioners – from the age of 50 years on – within 3 months on presentation of some documents, when they buy a house.

Best regards from the beautiful and warm Namibia

Herbert Corzilius

Sonnleiten Village Retirement Residence


The apartments and houses can be acquired as property (“sectional title”). The Title will be registered at the deeds office. Decisions regarding the management of the corporation, such as the regular determination of the flat rate for running costs, are carried out by the body corporate. Only owners of sectional titles are eligible to membership in the body corporate. All proprietors of habitatio are represented by Licht Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Carefree & healthy living

Sound sleep is guaranteed on the farm residence. All houses and apartments are connected to SOS-emergency services by a panic button, trained nursing personnel is on duty around the clock. Light nursing care is available at home and in the nursing care unit.

Sonnleiten Village Retirement Residence
Sonnleiten Village Retirement Residence

Strategically and conveniently located

The location of Sonnleiten Village ® Retirement Residence is ideal – 7 km away from the international airport and 36 km from the capital city of Windhoek.


Sonnleiten Village ® is a residential complex of 6 ha situated on 265 ha (2,65 km²) of natural terrain with ample wildlife and a colourful population of birds. Residents have access to farm roads, hiking trails and picnic spots.

Sonnleiten Village Retirement Residence

+++ Please Note +++

All residential units at Sonnleiten Village are currently sold. The possibility of trial living has been restricted by our board of directors. Nevertheless, it is advisable to contact me to find out what options exist for you at the moment when it comes to buying units / houses. The waiting list now has over 70 very interested requests, so it has now closed, meaning it will not be expanded. After all, it is the structure of a retirement home that every now and then a unit becomes free and you should therefore check this homepage from time to time.
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